Decorative & Industrial Paints

Here at CiandCi we pride ourselves with producing high quality Decorative & Industrial paints for various applications, such as:

  • Specialized Paints, chemical resistant & hard wearing this includes:

  1. Zinc Anode Primer

  2. Zinc Chromatic Primer

  3. Emulsion exterior Paint 

  • Emulsion 101

  • Floor Paints

  • Wood Finishes, Lacquers & Varnishes

  • Super Gloss

  • 2P Epoxy

  • Primers 

  • Quick Air Dry paints(QAD)

  • Associated Thinners


Additionally, we have a dedicated and experienced paint decorators team as part of the painting solutions we offer our clients. For any inquiries please feel free to Contact us



CiandCi has begun the manufacturing and supply of top quality Inks, including:Screen Inks(S.I), Liquid Inks(L.I) and Metal Decorative Inks(Md.I) and coatings tailor-made for various applications. Some of the inks include:                                

  • Plastisol(S.I)

  • Water Based Inks(S.I)

  • Solvent(S.I)

  • UV Ink(S.I)

  • Latex(rubber) Inks(S.I)

  • Rotogravure Inks(L.I)

  • Flexo Inks(L.I)

  • RC(Md.I)

We also have specialty inks that produce different effects on the final product depending on the customers needs. Some of these inks are: 

  • Glow in the Dark

  • Glitter

  • Puff

At CiandCi innovation is very important and we know each color is unique and  for any inquiry for custom inks feel free to contact us.



As CiandCi we have developed several types of adhesives and glues for various applications. These include:

  • Professional Wood Glue- for wood working

  • Contact Adhesives- for sofa sets and vehicle upholstery

  • PU adhesives for Shoes, Leather, metal works and textile

  • Carton sealing Glue


Additionally, we also tailor manufacture adhesives for specialized applications. Contact us for any inquiry 

CiandCi, we pride ourselves with producing high quality wood finishes products for high quality finishes. some of these products include:

  • Sanding Sealer

  • Wood Seal Polyurethane

  • Ace Lacquer

  • Nitrocellulose Vanish 

  • Wood Stains  

For any inquiries please feel free to Contact us

Wood Finishes

Automotive Paints


Here at CiandCi we pride ourselves with producing high quality Automotive paints for various Automotive applications, such as:

  • 2K Acrylic 

  • Fast Dry

  • Dipping Red Oxide

  • Nitrocellulose Paint

  • Poly-chromatic Paint


For anymore inquiries on Automotive Paints please feel free to Contact us​


Soap Colors 



Ciandci soap colorants are at the highest standard. The manufacturing of the soap colorants is handled with extreme care, precision and accuracy to achieve just the right color. Additionally this means our soap pigments and dyes are not only environmentally friendly but also safe.

For anymore inquiries on Soap colors please feel free to Contact us​


Powder Coating

We are now selling Powder Coatings in all colors. We are the distributors of the large Indian company Rapid Coats. As with all our products we offer free technical service.

Feel free to Contact us if you would like to make an inquiry.

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