CiandCi Chemicals was a company started on a vision to provide each house owner high quality paint that would be easy to use and would stick to its word of “long lasting”, additionally the same high quality would be used to manufacture wood finishes.
Incorporated in the year 2006, CiandCi Chemicals has stuck to its vision of providing the highest quality products manufactured in Kenya. The motto “Quality you can trust” has truly been withheld by every member of the company who always want to see only the best being produced. The idea behind the motto is so that each person can not only better the customer’s product but also better themselves as they learn something new each day.
Since 2006, CiandCi Chemicals has seen major growth within the company with increased product range and services, from the Decorative Paints and Wood Finishing to now including Automotive Paint, Industrial Paint and Ink specialties. This steady and rapid growth has been seen by the director as “one step closer to achieving happy customers and higher-quality products that are proudly manufactured here in Kenya”